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No Frills and Dining for Technology
No Frills allows Holly Grove to earn money for the products that you purchase at our local stores.  Our Dining for Technology program designates certain nights for families to enjoy quality time together and with other Holly Grove families.  A percentage of the proceeds from those evenings is given back to the PTA D4T program which we use to purchase document cameras and other technological supplies.

No Frills Fundraising at Holly Grove Elementary


Help us reach our goals and continue to provide great programs for our school!!

No Frills Fundraising Collection Boxes and Contests

Each classroom has a cereal box posted near the classroom door for the collection of Box Tops for Education, Labels for Education and Tyson A+ Rewards. 

Classroom Contests and Collection Sheet Contest
Classroom Contests in July, August, November, December, March, April and June to see which classes can bring in the most items! (Box Tops, Labels for Education, and Tyson Rewards).  Collection Contests in September, October, January, February and May that will include drawings for prizes for students who complete a Box Tops for Education Collection Sheet.

Click here to print a collection sheet.

Box Tops for Education
Worth 10 cents each.  Last year we brought in over $5,000 in Box Tops for Education!

Labels for Education 
Worth points towards educational materials. Last year we brought in over 40,000 points!

Tyson A+ Rewards
Worth 24 cents each!  

HARRIS TEETER VIC- Together in Education Program

Last year we earned over $2,500 thanks to Harris Teeter VIC’s Together in Education Program. All you have to do is link your Harris Teeter VIC card.  Grandparents, neighbors, future HGES families can all link their cards too.  Please fill out the information below and send it in with your child, so we can link your card. You can also visit the Harris Teeter website and link your VIC. (AFTER AUGUST 1st.)

Visit www.harristeeter.com to link your card after August 1st or fill in the information below and return it to your child’s teacher. A volunteer will link your VIC card.  Please list all the numbers on your card in order.

Name on Account: ________________________ Phone:____________________________

Teacher: ___________________________ (in case we have a question)

VIC Card Number (all digits):________________________________


No Frills Notes

Welcome to No Frills Fundraising! 
This is an easy way for our school community, as well as Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Favorite Neighbors, etc. to earn cash for our school.  Money and points from this program goes towards the purchase of programs and supplies for our students and their classrooms.  

How do I participate?
Simply send in your Box Tops for Education, Labels for Education and Tyson Labels in a baggie or envelope with your student.  If you have time to clip the items neatly, that would be a huge help. If you don’t, we have volunteers that can help with that.  Trimming the extra paper from those items allows us to save on shipping costs.  There is a collection box in each classroom. Items are picked up before each track out and at the end of each calendar month. 

Also, sign up with Harris Teeter VIC and
Target Redcards.   

No Frills Classroom Contest
No Frills items are collected from your child’s classroom. The classroom with the most No Frills Items per calendar month, will be rewarded with a special treat, certificate and sticker from the PTA. 

What are No Frills Items? 

Box Tops for Education 
(Worth- 10 cents each!) 

You can find Box Tops on hundreds of items (Trix, Kix, Chex, Cheerios, Gogurts, Toaster Strudel, Gushers, Hefty & Ziploc Products, Betty Crocker Baking Products, Pillsbury dairy items and hundreds more). 

Labels for Education
(Worth points towards school supplies)

Labels for Education are not just on Campbell’s soup cans! You can find them on Pepperidge Farms Goldfish, Prego Sauce, V8, Swanson Soups, Spaghettios and many more! Turning in these labels earns us points towards supplies for school.  

e-Labels for Education are also available through the www.labelsforeducaiton.com website. Just link your rewards cards (family members in other states can do the same!) and you can start earning e-labels for Education from retailers like Kroger and Food Lion.  Again, we can’t count e-Labels towards No Frills contests but we appreciate the points being donated directly to HGES.
Every little bit counts!

Tyson Project A+ Labels
(Worth 24 cents each!)

Be sure to send in the 
ENTIRE TOP of the box or bag.

Other No Frills Fundraising Opportunities

Harris Teeter VIC Rewards Card
(Together In Education)- a portion of sales on all Harris Teeter brand products is
returned back to our school. 

Click on “Community” and scroll down to “Together In Education”. Click on “Link To Your School”.
Our school code is 6078.

Harris Teeter requires cards to be linked each year.  The new year starts on August 1.

Upcoming D4T Events

Dining for Technology is a PTA sponsored program where HGES families, neighbors and friends can gather for dinner out at a local restaurant and a percentage of the proceeds from the sales for that evening will be given back to the PTA for the purchase of technology equipment. In the past we have purchase document cameras for each classroom. These events are held every 6-8 weeks.

Questions:  Please contact Jenn Mann at jennm44@aol.com

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